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FARMER’S DYNASTY offers an unprecedented game experience that combines elements of real and role-playing simulation with a classic agricultural simulation game.

You have never been able to forget the childhood days you spent on your grandfather's farm, like the times you shared with him while you plowed the fields with the tractor. Years of hard work in the city have not made you forget the old days, and, finally, you have returned to the farm to fulfill the dream that never left you: to rebuild Grandpa's farm and start a new dynasty. May your dream come true!

Live, Build, Farm - Enjoy a unique mix of life, farm and construction simulator that transports you to the countryside and features challenging gameplay mechanics.
Repair and renovate your farm: fix roofs, stables and sheds, renovate facades and decorate the interior of your house to your liking.
Interact with a vast open world and get social points: be open to new faces (being nice and friendly is its reward) and, sooner or later, you will find a partner to live in and even to have children!

Complete challenging missions in your environment and enjoy country life in all its splendor and in all its facets, for example, making a bonfire or going fishing.
Put yourself at the controls of tractors and other agricultural machinery: whether old or new, depending on you and your agricultural and economic skills to have old and rusty or super modern equipment to till the fields and earn your daily bread.
Enjoy a bird's-eye view of your farm - your drone gives you incredible views of the landscape!

Plant, care for and harvest vegetables, take care of your animals and sell your products: whether in the stables, in the fields or in the greenhouse, there is a lot to do, so get to work!


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1- Log into provided PlayStation account from your console.

2- Open PS Store or Library.

3- Install game.


English, Español, Italiano, Français, Deutsch, Polski, Türk, Nederlands, 中文, Pусский, 한국어.