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Our digital game sales website stands out for its competitive advantages. We offer 100% original and complete games, with a totally secure payment process. We respond in less than 30 minutes, and our accounts are never expired or stolen. Everything we offer is 100% legal, join us to enjoy the best experience of buying games online!

How to load digital games?


Digital games are 100% original and complete games downloaded from the official Store using a standard account. The games include all the content, there is no difference with the game in physical format, it contains all the game modes: campaign, online, etc.

The advantages are superior to the physical format as you don’t need to change discs every time you want to play and it is very convenient to simply turn on the console and click on the game icon to play.

In Store you will not find offers on major digital games, having to pay their full price from € 60 to € 80. However, the solution for many players in these cases is to go to vendors like us who offer games at very cheap prices by offering accounts with pre-purchased games.
It allows you to download and play the game from minute 0 of its release.

The parts of the console, especially the reader and related components do not heat up, extending the life of the console.

Primary version

Use the provided account to install game and play using your personal account after installing the game.

Secondary version

Use the provided account to install and play the game. You cannot play from your personal user.

Usually within 30 minutes via contact email registered in the order during our working hours 10:00 – 22:00 Europe Central Time. Depending on the saturation of orders or if the order has been placed outside working hours, it may take a few hours (max. 8) to receive it.

No, all games are region free. They can be installed from any version and any country.

Absolutely not, all accounts are created by the Digital World PSN team

Digital resale in Europe is legal according to the European Court of Justice on the free movement of digital goods and in article 99 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12 April, as is the resale of second-hand physical games.

On the other hand, it should be clarified that PSN terms of use and the law are different things. PlayStaton indicates its disagreement in its terms of use (ToS) on the sharing of games to a third party, be it a friend, family member or stranger, but on the other hand, if PlayStaton limits it, it would be in breach of the European law of the Court of Justice that allows the free movement of digital goods and also exercises an illegal monopoly by offering consoles and games exclusively digital and giving a single option to purchase those games on its Store platform at the price they decide without competition.

In conclusion:

Is it legal? Yes

Does PlayStaton like both physical and digital resale? No, they are trying to make as much profit as possible by driving commerce into a digital and service world where they can exercise their own monopoly with games at €80, subscriptions to services with poor content and shutting down game servers and stores on older platforms at will.

Can limit or block gaming? No, as that is illegal according to European Court of Justice law and article 99 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996.


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