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Important information

We remind you that this product is only valid for Playstation accounts in Spain.

You must have a PlayStation Network account in order to use this article.

Playstation Plus card is cumulative, you do not need to wait for the active subscription period to end because it adds the time you already have.


Join PlayStation Plus to enjoy all the benefits of a full subscription, including online multiplayer, games of the month, and exclusive discounts. PSN is the place where you play online, chat with your friends, and download games.

Discover a world of exclusive offers and lively gaming communities. Plus, you can turn your PlayStation system into the ultimate home entertainment center for the whole family.

Main Features

• The card that you will receive by e-mail contains a PSN Plus code that can be redeemed in the Playstation Store from a Playstation Network account.

• One subscription, four systems: You can enjoy all the benefits of PlayStation Plus on your PS5, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita with the same subscription.

• Monthly Games: With your PlayStation Plus subscription, you'll get two games a month, every month, for PS5, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. There are more than 60 games a year that you can download directly to your systems at no additional cost.

• Cloud storage: Make backup copies of your games to keep them safe with 10 GB storage for each system. So, whatever happens, your exploits will not be disturbed

• Complete Game Demos (Try Before You Buy): Great to see what a game looks like before you buy - you can play for up to an hour, buy it, unlock your trophies and keep moving forward.

• Automatic Downloads: PlayStation Plus downloads select demos, patches, and firmware updates automatically, so you don't have to think about it.

• Discounts in PS Store: Save money on things you will buy, take advantage of discounts of up to 50% on games. These discounts are enough to make PlayStation Plus worth it. Cash benefits that will make you happy.

• Exclusive offers: Access to avatars, themes and other things that others cannot get: at least not until you have already been there, and have enjoyed it.

• Free games and downloads: The things you get for free add up to much more than the money you are investing. Think about it. Get exclusive free games, add-ons and other downloads.

• Select Advance Shows: There will be times when you will have access to some demos before everyone else.

• Priority beta invitations: You will be the first to receive invitations to select beta versions.


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